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An absolute wonderful experience left me speechless, the plot, the endings, the lore, the deep of the dialogues, THE MUSIC, everything dug deep into my heart. Such a truly masterpiece hidden gem.




this was a beyond fun adventure game ive ever played so peaceful and amazing keep up the good work


I haven’t even finished the game and I can already tell it’s amazing! I love the art, the description on the items, the characters (although, I’ll admit, before I fully comprehended the first lines from the little girl, I thought the main character was a boy), the dialogue, everything! I started playing this at night, it made me so spooked that I have to pause it now to start playing it again tomorrow. 

Keep up the amazing work!

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Что же, Я полагаю это одна и ТЕХ хоррор-инди-игр на движке рпг мейкер про депрессию. Прошёл с первого же раза на Истинную концовку, полагаю это больше говорит обо мне чем о игре. Эстетика старой панельки с советским интерьером, что странно, потому что Я живу в такой же, меня зацепила и активировала воспоминания из детства. Рекомендую короче.

Well, I guess this is one of THOSE indie horror games made in RPG maker. Get the True Ending first try, I think that says more about me than about the game. The aesthetics of the old panel building with a Soviet interior cuts deep me in my core memories, which strange cause I still live in one of those. Would recommend.


wonderful, wonderful. just stunning. pure art.




This was straight up masterful!
Absolutely glad I could play such a beautifully haunting and excellently executed game


This was so cool! Thank you for making it. I felt like it represented that deep seated fear humans have of confronting their worst parts, their past, and the inevitability of our ultimate fate. But realizing that the most important thing is acceptance, love, and internal harmony. Lovely and terrifying.


I thought this game was going to be at least a little scary, but by the end, I find myself in awe. Thank you for making such a beautiful game!

I love this so much, underrated game

i had a really strange bug where everything  turned upside down and mirrored just after you get out of the apartment, then going straight back without moving from your starting position, i tried to replicate it but nothing happened...


Great game.. As polish person I can kinda relate.. As person I can relate...


I was eating spaghetti while playing this. That made it an interesting experience.


It was creepypasta 


I hate how I did not realize this.

what creepypasta?

Not a creepypasta, but I said ‘creepypasta’ because they were playing a horror game while eating pasta


Genuinely love this game so much. It's so beautiful and I'm not joking when I say that I actually cried. Play this. Its worth it.

So good!

this was beautiful! i loved it!


It was delightfull  thank you soo much ;)))

I really love this art style, music and interaction between two characters>< (except I dont find the password:( 

thank you so much for bringing such a wanderful game!


I have loved so much this game! This needs more recognition.

Russian walkthrough

russian walkthrough

игра прикрасна ето одна из лудших игор каторие я проходил 

vamo a ver q tal está,luego actualizo JAJAJAJ


damn, thats beautiful


Warm game


what a gorgeous game


So cool!! Got the happy ending, the game was really enjoyable to play :j

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i don't get this game. you choose to become part of the fleshy abomination and get the happy ending? what is it a metaphor for? i'm creeped out by those saying this is comfortable and nostalgic. is it about crawling back into your mother's womb?


i dont think its a metaphor, just a meditation on the themes. cause on some level, doesnt it sound nice to just not have to worry about anything, just be togetherness forever? a few years ago id have chosen to become part of it too, possibly


Wait can someone please tell me if there is a bad ending to this or is there just a happy endin


there are two endings! you should be prompted to save at the point which they diverge. 

This game is so incredibly bizarre, but it's so good. It's truly a masterpiece of a game and I very much enjoyed playing it.



me too

Я стал частью чего-то большого, многоногого и многорукого, теплого и болтливого. Я стал хвостом или рукой, а может быть даже костью. При каждом движении кружилась голова, и все равно давно уже мне не было так уютно.

throughout the game, i realized that this was not an ordinary horror game with jumpscares and that stuff. im curious to know the metaphor of this game.

The best form of a horror game


adorable little game got the happy ending :


 I have the biggest pockets ever, took everything I could find. Love this game so much! I'm gonna have to recommend this to my friends


This game is an absolute masterpiece, i cried so much with it. I just hope more people discover this little diamond hiden in the internet.
My respects to the creator

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