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im scared

Don't worry its a fun game

one word for this game, wow.

I got the happy ending LOL, I was coerced by a dead girl! I loved it so much, had such great unsettling vibes and it's cute too. I'm just sad it took this long to find it. it has been a while since I thoroughly enjoyed a game this much. Thank you!

Beautiful game! I forgot how amazing an RPG Maker game can be

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this game was so good they have a deep story but worth it. would recommend.


I cant this was the best game ever😭



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I love this game!! I loved the story and the art, thank you for this wonderful game


This was really good. The artstyle is adorable. I love Lera <3


I absolutely loved this game! It was surprisingly long, the art is beautiful and I think it really captures a feeling of uncomfortable comfort misremembered childhood memories have, if that makes sense. Anyway I just wish that the items you pick up could be used in more ways, but I really liked reading their descriptions and the few interactions you get sometimes still.

I swear this game didn't have as much detail as it did before. I played this like a few years ago, decided to play again and holy shit its even better somehow. It was already amazing, and you made it even better!!!!

niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice game

I still think about this game and replay, literally my comfort game. . i love it so much


это редкая игра, которая заставила меня плакать

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i got the happy ending and i as a dude am breaking down

i feel bad bro:(


Hey there is 2 endings right how do you get the 2

you either answer yes or no when she asks you if you are scared of beeing one with her family (dying).  Answering no will get you the happy ending, answering yes will get you to the true ending

question is the hallway after u go to the top of the floor infinite

stair flight thing sorry

This was a really good game! It was sad, beautiful, scary, and weird. 10/10! 

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Thank you for making such a lovely game. I've never felt so moved when playing a game, it made me reflect a lot about myself and humanity. Thanks again for giving us such a truly incredible and beautifull experience.

Wow, I got this ending!

Is there multiple endings to this game or just one? Because I got the true ending. 


it has more than one ending, but i don't know how many


there are only 2! 

okay, thank you

how did you getit

I didn't jump into the pit at the end and told Nika I wanted to stay alive, fighting. 


oh thanks

you're welcome :)

This game made me cry, thank you. I know that doesn't make much sense, but I really mean it.


this game was so lovely! while the horror was certainly present, i felt myself moved by the gore more than anything. nika was an absolute sweetheart and if i could, i would scoop her up into my arms and take her with me <3

como se cambia el idioma ?


A great experience, made me really think about myself and it helped me when i needed something like this, Thank you for making this.


what a beautiful, haunting game really. i come back every once in a while to play it. it opens a window inside my soul i never even imagined was there, it’s crude, raw but most importantly it reminds oneself of our humanity. it forces you to be vulnerable. and i think that’s the highlight of it all; truly incredible. please bring more content like this in the future io. i’ll make sure to be waiting !!!! <3 <3

I revisit this game every now and then and am amazed every time. Absolutely stunning storytelling. Truly encompasses the phrase 'hauntingly beautiful'

I recommend this game to anyone who is even remotely interested. 

Much love to the creator.

Adorable! I love the music and art style <3 I ended up getting the happy end, and am probably gonna play it again. What's the other ending??


i think there's a few. i got the true ending where you return to home.

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I've seen people mention two endings, but I had a feeling that the 'happy ending' I got wasn't the true ending lol. Especially with others saying how they felt bad for Nika? Nothing really of note happened to her in my playthrough, other than I feel bad because she's all alone in the apartment complex. Then again, I don't really think that was entirely what they were getting at- 😅 I'm most likely going to try for the real ending though. Do you know if opening the padlocked door changes anything? I ended up opening it with the code, but saved before I did so, just to be safe lol

Nope, opening the door doesn't affect the endings! It's just a "hidden" extra scene. Thanks for playing!


god this is so sad. i got both the endings but the true end made me so sad. im so sorry nika. wish i could hug her

Do you mind me asking what happens to her? Or if opening the padlocked door changes anything? I've not played the true ending yet (I got the 'happy ending'), but I'm not afraid of spoilers lol. If not though, I get it! I'm gonna play through it anyway, just for the experience. 


basically in the true end she opens a gate through flesh to let mc out of the building to the real world. she cries and says she'll miss mc and that her family is gonna be mad at her for doing this. she was not allowed to do this. i already forgot the actual dialogue that made me sad :"D i think it was something like mc is still scared of nika and she wants to live and leave this place. it hurts nika's feelings like do u not wanna stay with me?

я обожаю эту игру

waitwait does any1 know whats the password?? i dont have the 6th photo


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screaming crying throwing up (i loved the joke about the meat isle though)

Eu amei esse jogo, vale cada segundo que passei chorando por conta da historia da Lera e da Nika, não consegui fazer os dois finais ainda mas planejo fazer logo. Apesar dos temas pesados é um jogo tão confortável visualmente e pelos comentários não fui o unico que achou isso <3


Sweet game, weirdly Signalis-like with the flesh in random places, not really seeming to phase the protag? But yeah, really cute, lovely art style >_<


Really good game, highly recommend, not that scary as I thought like jumpscares, it's heartwarming(idk?????don't ask) and it's a good game. :)))))))))

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the game itself is extremely exciting. I reached both endings, both pleased me pleasantly.

i was deeply imbued (? hope this is the right word. "прониклась" in russian) with nika’s feelings. I rarely cry in games, even if it’s something like Dark Pictures games, but here i can say “да, было” (yes, i did).

thank you for this bastion of comfort.

upd i am really thankfull for rus translation. 

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This is a very very good game also will there be any more games like this upcoming in the future? Maybe even a part 2?

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